Taboca is a brand name which refers to works and consulting business founded by Marcio Galli. Corporate entity is represented by Marcio dos Santos Galli Informatica, established in Brazil at the state of São Paulo and the city of Ribeirão Preto. While established in Brazil we are able to deliver our consulting and development solutions to companies established outside Brazil. We have great experience with remote working culture and rapid development working models.


Taboca / Marcio dos Santos Galli Informatica
Rua C 1405 - Ribeirao Preto - SP
CEP 14094-580


Phone: +55 16 8123 3210

Our Mission Statement

Offer consulting and development services to create software and Web projects, to help create engaging and exciting authoring experiences to improve participation on the Web. We believe that a new product should create new opportunities, establish a novel story, and yet offer a positive contribution to the community. A successful internet product should be exciting, cause thought change to the community, and help society evolve.

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