Who we are

Taboca is a Web development and technology-driven company. We are focused in User Interface and Client Side technologies. We are the creators of a number of in-house projects and we also offer consulting services in the IT / technical areas, such as web development and client development consulting projects to customers in Brazil and world wide.


Marcio Galli is the responsible for Taboca, which is Marcio S. Galli Informatica, an individual company established in Brazil. Marcio's background is in software development, specifically web development -- his passion is user interfaces. For Marcio's background and history of work, please visit his LinkEd In Professional account.


A few of the contributors that supported Taboca projects ( hired per projects ) are Felipe Gomes ( ICMC / Mozilla ) , Sergio Oliveria ( ICMC ), Paulo Kinicky ( ICMC Jr ), Gloria Edini ( LPeU.com.br, Thati Kastein ( LPeU temporary hire ). And there are some many individuals that helped this project too -- impossible to name, please consult.

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