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Taboca Artwork, or Taboca Labs, is an entrepreneurial business workshop located in Brazil and founded by Marcio S Galli. For entrepreneurs, we invest time and money to help them to reach their creative potential in the capitalist world. For business, we help them to experiment with innovative projects and develop their entrepreneurial culture. We believe in creative destruction and we are passionate, not to destroy the good things but to help the world unfold new realities and become a place that everyone can live happier, work happier, and learn.


We believe that people can better work, together, when they share their true intentions. Thus, communication and integrity are key elements if you want any project to thrive.


We believe that failure is a bad word because it carries the idea that certain efforts are not worth it. We believe that the highest creative potential is achieved not when we seek perfection but when we seek to learn. And if we seek to learn we are in the zone, in a flow system, that implies that things are not certain. Therefore, we believe not in promoting failure as a goal but allowing failed attempts because failures are inevitable. We just will do our best to not fail in being respectful to people and healthy systems.


We believe that people can better work, together, when they show how they feel, what they feel, when they don't hide their fears. We believe that any innovative place needs to promote the idea that people can truly show who they are and their weaknesses. Thus, being open and showing your vulnerable self is a key element for any team that wants to work and support each other.


We believe that people can better work, together, when they focus in what's important, not in what's urgent. We believe that any innovative team needs to find a balance and a healthy way to come up with great ideas. Innovation will always take in consideration a constraint, a scarce resource. Therefore, we gotta dream properly, think outside the box — find our way. For that, we need to allow ourselves to focus in the right things — what's important.

Innovation labs


Resite is a personal site and asset generation platform for real people. On the digital web front, it produces an incredibly fast site that ranks 95%+ with Google Page Speed. The site is responsive, thus great in the mobile and in the desktop. On the physical front, it produces design assets for business card and office letterhead both matching the site template.

Expression Widgets

2010 — Our Expression Widgets project was a finalist in the Mozilla JetPack for Learning initiative by Mozilla and McArthur Foundation — with the prize ceremony at SxSw in Austin, Texas USA. The challenge gathered competitors from around the world and together they came up with solutions to redesign the future of open education. Our winning entry was an experiment that explored the idea of multiple students using their browsers to simultaneously annotate, thus enriching a live teacher class session with rich resources from all the students. See reference archive.


2010 — Our Flux project was a category winner in one of the first mobile innovation challenges, the Mobile Add-on Challenge. The concept was a browser add-on tool that enabled the end-user to take a screenshot of a page and draw on top of it then share it, to Flickr service using an API. See the project demo.


Sunnyvale is the identity of a training and coworking room space in the city of Ribeirão Preto, SP Brazil. This project is the category design work to help build the identity, value proposition, and required resources. Visit the Sunnyvale coworking and training room.


In 2018, we designed a Firefox-based Add-on that makes Firefox interface smarter to adapt its color to the site color, similar to the experience that is common in the Android device. Check Firefox Adaptheme add-on project.

Resources for entrepreneurs

We create materials intended to help entrepreneurs to solve problems and innovate. We are constantly investing time in developing new classes and materials that can support entrepreneurs.


Desaceleradora is our book club for entrepreneurs. It exists in the vicinity of Ribeirão Preto SP in Brazil and it offers entrepreneurs two ways to collaborate. They can donate their amazing entrepreneurship books or they can donate their time to read parts of an existing book. With that, we help entrepreneurs to learn and enrich their network. Visit the Desaceleradora Taboca project.

Design labs

Our design initiatives moved to the web right at the beginning, when dynamic graphics were almost prohibited inside the web browser. Yes, we crashed major browsers right when they blossomed. We blended graphics with dynamic effects and even confused many user experience experts. Yes, we deployed colorful fading links back in 1997 when the norm was the static HTML page with blue links.

Copyright, open-source and intellectual property

We are passionate about content and intellectual property. This may not exactly mean that we believe that all things should be proprietary — it depends. Marcio our founder is a seasoned entrepreneur and developer that loves writing, visual design, movies and software. We believe that the future of digital communication is a system more like humans — smarter elements that understands how to use a variety of modalities in communication in order to solve real problems.


Since 1997 we developed great relationships with customers and partners around the world such as Silicon Valley and Europe. Please write to info at taboca dot com.

Taboca Artwork

We are around, since 1997. We consider ourselves participants of the technological revolution driven by the Internet and the Web. We are constantly trying to break assumptions since. We are the entrepreneurial business practice funded by Marcio S Galli. We invest time and money to help entrepreneurs reach their creative potential in this capitalist world. We believe in creative destruction and we are passionate, not to destroy the good things but to help the world unfold new realities and become a place that everyone can live happy and learn.

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